logoCompeting Cities & Dates for 2014:

Cities invited to compete for 2014 by the organisers to date as follows(click to link) :

London East ; London North ; London South ; London West ; London Central Birmingham ;Leicester ; Cardiff Bradford Manchester ; Sheffield ; Newcastle ; Edinburgh ; Glasgow ;Liverpool Leeds ; Wolverhampton ; Nottingham ; Northampton ; Brighton Oxford.

Vote for your city (votecity@fedrest.com)

You can place your vote for your favourite Asian restaurant anywhere in Britain to be “Customer Restaurant of the Year 2014” at groveint@aol.com***

***No personal information (email or geographical address) gathered during voting will be passed on to any third party.

Important Dates for 2014 :

National Curry Week runs from 13 – 19 October 2014. The winner of Curry Capital of the Year 2014 will be announced on 20th October and invited to a special function in London on 26th October for presentation of the trophy.

Voting for teams opens 28th April
Final voting for teams 14th August;
Teams announced 16th August
Final voting for city 26th September
Final date for receipt of Council submissions 29th September.
Announcement winners 20th October
Presentation of the trophy in London 26th October


Step 1 : is to choose four curry restaurants in each competing city to represent the city and on which the judges can focus their attention. This is achieved by votes on the dedicated website(vote@fedrest.com) and through Mood Food Magazine as well as in cooperation with councils on their own website, regional newspapers, and radio.

Step 2 : is for the organizers to build up dossiers on each of the four team restaurants in each city for eventual presentation to the judges who will have carried out their own, independent appraisals with the help of a small army of volunteers.

Step 3 : is to build up a dossier on each competing city based on what the ethnic community does for the city and what the city does for them and the importance of their curry community-once again for presentation to the judges.

Step 4 : Invite all team restaurants to hold a special fund raiser prior to or during National Curry Week with proceeds going to The Curry Tree Charitable Fund to help the poor and undernourished the world over. Involvement in The Poppadomathon will be included in this.

Step 5 : is to encourage the public to vote for their city via the website or on Facebook or Twitter(@supportcurry).

Step 6 : is to receive the submission (visual, written or electronic) from the Councils or marketing entities as to why their city should win the title. (very important). Many cities ask what style their submissions should follow. The choice remains that of each city but judges have found an inexpesive DVD/CD very useful in recent years. However, as all councils are suffering financial restraints, this will be taken into account and the percentage of points allocated adjusted accordingly.

Step 7 : is to present the final dossiers to the 13 judges for voting and verification by the organiser. During this process votes for cities continue to form part of the overall marking.


Scoring for the title by the judges is based in three areas :

(a) The standard of food and service of the four team restaurants chosen and their role in serving their community and city . (40% marks)

(b) The input from each Council or representative in their submission advising why their city should win the title given the criteria to add to the organiser’s confidential dossier. (30% marks). If submissions are late or missing an independent review will be substituted with a one third reduction in sector possible marks.

(c) Standard of Health & Cleanliness of curry restairant within each participant based on ‘Scores on the Doors’ or EHO input.(10% marks)

(d) The support of team members and/or Council of the event’s charitable aims. (10% marks)

(e) Customer comments and Trip Advisor ratings and city voting (10%)

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